Online task and project manager software is a complex, deliberate and newly developed task and project managing software that also works over the internet and perfectly adjusts to the unique structure of small and medium companies. helps you in the most important aspects

Human resource management
  • Proper assignment of tasks
  • Total control over current and finished tasks, projects and work positions
  • Monitoring working hours and strain of employees
  • Managing deadlines of tasks and projects
  • Structuring tasks, making processes more transparent
  • Storing and archiving documentations and other files related to tasks and projects
  • Control over employees with dynamic labour-time and teleworkers
  • Keeping easy contact with colleagues
  • Making statistics and accounts

With the help of you can not only plan the operation of projects and work positions but you can also track them in real time. Thanks to this feature it constantly monitors the performance of employees, to-do-list and state of tasks assigned to users. In essence, provides an interactive surface that is crucial for leading any company. can follow an employee through a whole day’s work. All users can organize their tasks, check their work progress, record key elements of telephone conversations, use it as a calendar, take notes or communicate with their colleagues. From now on, nobody has to keep all their tasks in mind all the time, as this task manager also warns users for deadlines. Furthermore, there’s no need to store all documents separately, you just attach them to the task, and you can search and list all necessary files anytime.

Main functions of

Real-time working hours measurement and pay-off

Real-time working hours measurement and pay-off A doesn’t work with estimated work hours but it administrates the real length of efficient work, with one minute accuracy. You can picture the measurement of the time spent with work like using a stopwatch. You can start, stop and resume it anytime...


Multi-platform A is a multiplatform application. It’s web-browser-based, so it can be used anywhere, anytime using internet and it can also be installed as a desktop application (Adobe AIR), and can be adjusted to meet any company’s unique image and infrastructure.

Summarizing working hours, statistics

Summarizing working hours, statistics You can filter tasks for different work states. With the help of filtering you can make statistics of employees, e.g. how long an employee has worked in a project and how much time different work phases took.

Timeline editor

Timeline editor Tasks of users, projects and work positions can easily and transparently be scheduled with the timeline editor that has several views (daily, weekly, monthly). A user-friendly “drag & drop” function helps this feature.

Work hours table

Work hours table In a calendar view, users can set the days when they are available and on which day for how many hours in what schedule they plan to work. This is exceptionally useful for employees with dynamic labour-time and teleworkers. This function is also helpful to handle vacations and sick-leaves.


Logging A constantly records and archives all events for all users (schedules, task descriptions, changes in priorities, etc.). They appear in a main log and the datasheet of the task as well. This feature makes it easy to keep track of every user’s activity.
Our system is constantly being developed. Main new features are:
  • Web-browser-free interface
  • Customer login and administration
  • Statistical diagrams
  • Ordering services online