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Dynamic work process handling

In a company all employees have their own tasks and it's very important to follow and administer them, as it can raise the efficiency of the workers and the company. It's important for the employees to get feedback for their finished tasks so they can begin the next process. helps with the follow-up of all work processes and tasks, from the order to the delivery. Further satistics and diagrams help the control and accounts of projects.

You can dismiss almost any work state by assigning appropriate accesses and access groups; therefore easily adjusts to infrastructures and work methods used in the company

order plan perform process report distribute
When an order arrives, project managers prepare the project in the System, create the necessary tools, decide which co-workers take part in the project and begin planning. Deadline of milestones of the project, planning of delivery deadline and necessary work hours. Preparing the project, creating plans for actual work. Supervisors and the customer look at the plan and actual work starts after their approval. Users do their tasks according to the plans. At pre-planned milestones supervisors can check if the project is in proper state and can prepare for deadline lapse or pre-deadline delivery. After work is done, statistics and accounts are made of the project. measures everyting in real time, so future projects can be planned more precisely. Delivery of the finished project, product, service; sales and handling customer feedback.

Work processes appliable for tasks registered in the system. Almost any of them can be optionally dismissed.

  • Creation of new task
  • The owner of the task estimates it's work hours
  • In case of a long time, the project leader approves the estimation
  • The owner of the task runs the task
  • When finished, the owner of the task marks the task as finised
  • The project leader evaluates and closes the task marked as finished
  • At the end of the month the project leader sets the task status to "paid" (working hours summary and payment)

Our system is constantly being developed. Main new features are:
  • Web-browser-free interface
  • Customer login and administration
  • Statistical diagrams
  • Ordering services online