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What are the real advantages of

Real-time working hours measurement and pay-off

Real-time working hours measurement and pay-off doesn’t work with estimated work hours but it administrates the real length of efficient work, with one minute accuracy. You can picture the measurement of the time spent with work like using a stopwatch. You can start, stop and resume it anytime. Minutes spent with a task get summarized at the end, so the software calculates pay-off with time really spent with work, making it available to handle accounts for employees paid by the hour.

Real-time working hours measurement

Real-time working hours measurement! Why is it important?

With any other currently available software on the market you can only track the estimated time of work but the real hours count of efficient work remains hidden, so the management never learns how long a task estimated for 4 hours really lasts. Maybe one employee has already taken a 2-hours long coffee break, while the other with the same estimated work time doesn’t even have the chance to finish his work that day. Another advantage of real-time measurement is that the project manager can estimate future task times more precisely based on real statistic data, increasing the cost efficiency, transparency and control of the company.


Multi-platform is a multiplatform application. It’s web-browser-based, so it can be used anywhere, anytime using internet and it can also be installed as a desktop application (Adobe AIR), and can be adjusted to meet any company’s unique image and infrastructure.
Dynamic workflow management

Dynamic workflow management

You can dismiss almost any work state by assigning appropriate accesses and access groups; therefore easily adjusts to infrastructures and work methods used in the company
Keeping track of running tasks

Keeping track of running tasks

Video With the help of you can keep track of employees being currently active, which project and position they are in, how long they work on a task, what the estimated and remaining time for the task is.
Summarizing working hours, statistics

Summarizing working hours, statistics

Video You can filter tasks for different work states. With the help of filtering you can make statistics of employees, e.g. how long an employee has worked in a project and how much time different work phases took.
Timeline editor

Timeline editor

Video Tasks of users, projects and work positions can easily and transparently be scheduled with the timeline editor that has several views (daily, weekly, monthly). A user-friendly “drag-and drop” function helps this feature.
Projekt és felhasználói idővonal Video

Projekt Timeline

By entering start and finishing dates, project deadlines, category and task schedules and states become visually transparent in the Project Timeline. This feature also helps future project planning and project status follow-up.

User Timeline

User daily/weekly/monthly work hours become visible in the User Timeline. You can follow up when and for how long employees have worked on their tasks.
Gyors feladatok

Quick tasks

Video With the Quick Tasks functions you can create and start tasks with the push of a button, should it be a sudden phone call, e-mail or a lunch break.

To-do list

Video Users can administrate their smaller or bigger personal tasks in the system. As for the tasks assigned to projects, it’s possible to use the system’s time measurement for them. Unscheduled to-do tasks get automatically re-scheduled for the next day.
Work hours tablet

Work hours table

Video In a calendar view, users can set the days when they are available and on which day for how many hours in what schedule they plan to work. This is exceptionally useful for employees with dynamic labour-time and teleworkers. This function is also helpful to handle vacations and sick-leaves.


A constantly records and archives all events for all users (schedules, task descriptions, changes in priorities, etc.). They appear in a main log and the datasheet of the task as well. This feature makes it easy to keep track of every user’s activity.
File and picture management

File and picture management

Video You can attach pictures, documents or any file to a task and you can browse them in the main file and picture manager anytime. By attaching files you can easily track back materials connected to projects or work positions.
Forehand task approval

Forehand task approval

You can define a task time range for each project and work position in which users must estimate the time needed to complete their tasks. These times can be overridden or approved by their supervisors. The finally approved time will be available for finishing the task.
Evaluation of finished tasks

Evaluation of finished tasks

Tasks marked as finished are evaluated by supervisors. Provided the performance of the employee isn’t in proportion with the time spent with the task, he is able to rate his work and this can affect the salary as well (premium, reduction, other consequences). They can give feedback for any unsatisfying task marked finished, and this can ease the evaluation the next time.

Our system is constantly being developed. Main new features are:
  • Web-browser-free interface
  • Customer login and administration
  • Statistical diagrams
  • Ordering services online