Introduction > Videos

Introduction Videos

Video Quick guide

Showing the welcome screen and quick guide of the system

Video GUI

Flexible user interface: showing the resizable and closabgle panels along with the full view.

Video Data table

A simple filtering in the main data table

Video Using the personalized data table

Sorting, showing and hide columns.

Video Adding a new task

Setting initial parameters and creating the task

Video Task window

This window shows all properties of a task, including it's history.

Video More attributes

The role of the note and reference fields.

Video Schedule

Reviewing different timeline perspectives.

Video Schedule and ToDo tasks

Creating a new task in an instant: later it can be modified like any other task.

Video Running tasks

Review currently running tasks in the panel and in the window.

Video Project handling

Assigning users and types to a project using drag&drop; showing the project summaries.

Video Project timeline

Detailed review of the project timeline.

Video Work hours

Showing the workers' work hours and setting our own.

Video Log and Quick tasks

Using log and lunch, break and other buttons that ease daily routine.

Our system is constantly being developed. Main new features are:
  • Web-browser-free interface
  • Customer login and administration
  • Statistical diagrams
  • Ordering services online